Loans for Growth

NCIC offers Loans for Growth through the 95 Partnership.

Strong cash flow businesses across New Hampshire and Vermont can greatly benefit.  This solution reduces the typical 20% cash participation to only 5% when equipment purchases or real estate expansion or purchases are being made.

The 95 Partnership loan is subordinate to bank debt but we work in partnership with the bank to ensure the business’ experience is simple and straight forward.

Credit criteria:

  • A debt service coverage ratio of 1.25x or higher over past two years
  • Project costs from $250,000 and $3,000,000 (up to $5,000,000 with a 90% solution)
  • Excellent Credit Scores

Our application is simple.  We require the same financial information as the bank, and our approval process is efficient.

Recent examples:

1. A capital equipment purchase

  • $1,116,291 Project
  • $893,000 Bank loan, or 80% financing
  • $167,500 NCIC loan, or 15% subordinate financing
  • $55,791 Cash equity, or 5%

    Delivering a Cash Savings of 75%!

This project supports over 120 jobs.


2.   Business real estate acquisition

  • $3,900,000 Appraised value
  • $3,120,000 Bank loan, or 80% financing
  • $500,000 NCIC loan, or 12.8% subordinate financing, ($500,000 is NCIC’s lending limit)
  • $280,000 Cash equity, or 7.2%

    Delivering a Cash Savings = 64%!

This project supports over 40 jobs.


The 95 Partnership benefits our borrowers, our banking partners and it expands employment in the region!


Download these PDF’s to find out more!

For more information, please contact:

Aaron Krone
Business Resource Manager
802.748.5101, ext. 2021